I am Kazakhstani living in Tampere since 2012. Studies may have brought me to Finland, but what made me stay is courage and curiosity. Having received BBA, I jumped to the active working life right away. Parallelly to that, I have a bunch of amazing projects, initiatives and hobbies going on. I am very lucky to be surrounded by creative and forward-thinking individuals. In love with Finland and carrying sisu from within.



I published my own book of poems called "Associations of Life" when I was 15 years old.


I practice martial arts, dancing, cross-stitching, graphic design and photography.


I decided to come to Finland at the age of 17 (and I did, all alone). Was the scariest and the most rewarding decision ever!


I am a big nerd when it comes to superheroes and comics characters (TV shows, books, you name it!)

© Yuliya Nesterenko | 2018

Tampere | Finland

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