RANDOMIZE! is an initiative I've started as a part if JCI United


I want to help people learn random skills in life. I believe that random knowledge and skills help us to expand the horizon and look at life from different perspectives. Randomize!  connects mentors with learners. In Randomize!  anybody can give workshops or join as a learner. The workshop entry fee is always 5€ as a sign of appreciation to mentors. Workshop topics vary from design and pitching to baking and painting. It's Random!



ONE BOOK PER MONTH is a challenge started by 2 members of BELT project 


Two highly motivated startups guys have launched a Whatsapp group for friends and colleagues encouraging them to read books. The initiative is focused on personal growth and work as a tool to stay on track with continuous reading. At the end of each month, every participant must submit a photo and description of the book. If one fails to do so, she/he will be automatically charged 5€. Collected money goes to buying literature for business schools in Tampere!  


INTERNATIONAL TAMPERE is one of the current projects at JCI United


Finnish companies in Tampere are reluctant to hiring internationals. There has been a lot of research done on the problem background. Many initiatives and projects have failed to drastically transform the current situation. JCI United, being an international chapter, wants to utilize its resources, tacit knowledge and talent to fill the gaps and contribute where it's most needed in order to improve the employment status in the international scene of Tampere.   


WEEKLY CHALLENGE is a symbol of my lifestyle, a project, I hope, will inspire others 


People often wait for the life to happen - living from weekend to weekend, from holiday to holiday thinking that life begins after graduation, marriage, new job... I believe that life happens every day, every minute and we must embrace it. This challenge is about doing something totally new, random or forgotten every week! Trying new sports, hanging out with unknown crowd, visiting random event... I believe that stepping out of your conform zone or trying new things can expand your horizon, network and view on life. It's good for the soul, mood and relationships.


© Yuliya Nesterenko | 2018

Tampere | Finland

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